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Subject: Butterfly-Weed :
Comments: i know that i could buy this Butterfly-Weed i would like to but then again i wouldnt because they mess with the growth of the flowers or any other plants or they make so that you cant grow the seeds that the plant or flower make because the seeds will never sprout out and this happened to me to many time so im done with buying flowers and plants from stores plus the wild kind come back every year and the seeds are good and do sprout out plus on the store bought Butterfly-Weed flower it has alot less flower heads then the wild one the wild Butterfly-Weed has a bunch of flower heads so i think that the wild Butterfly-Weed flower is much better then the store bought ones and the main thing i like to have is the seeds and thats what the stores dont want us to have so we would have to keep coming back and buying their flowers


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