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Subject: Carpinus-scale and follage loss :
Comments: Hi Steve,At Xavier, there are 7 Carpinus betulus Columnaris along the side of one of the dorms. They are in a very tight space to grow about 6 feet bed right next to wall but they have been there for about 9 years and doing very well. One of them on the outside edge had about half of its buds open late, shows signs of stress, cicada damage and is infested with calico scale and another scale that is dark brown. We are concerned that this may spread to the other Carpinus close by. I had heard about these sleeves you can put on the trees to stop the ants from climbing up the trunk that kill the beneficial insects that eat the scale. Will this be a good choice for now. They are also talking about using a horticultural oil treatment too or is this too late. Is there a summer oil What is your recommendation I would like to order the sleeves asap if they will help.Thanks- Karen


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