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Common Name Latin Name Size (minimum to maximum feet)
Androsace lanuginosa
Androsace lanuginosa Leichtlinii
Rosa acicularis nipponensis
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=acicularis&Common=&Cultivar=nipponensis
Rosa birmingham
Rosa birmingham
Rosa demascens semperflorens
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=demascens&Common=&Cultivar=semperflorens
Claude Monet Rise Rosa floribunda Claude Monet
Everglow Rose Rosa floribunda Everglow
Yours Always Rose Rosa floribunda Yours Always
everlasting love Rosa gallica
Rosa gallica iilampi
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=gallica&Common=&Cultivar=iilampi
Rosa graciliflora
Rosa moyesii
Multiflora Rose Rosa multiflora 8 feet to 15 feet
Rosa pimpinellifolia
Mawar Rosa Rosa Hybrida Red Chateau
Red Leaf Rose Rosa rubrifolia 4 feet to 9 feet
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=rubrifolia&Common=Red Leaf Rose&Cultivar=
Rosa rubrifolia
drifa Rosa rugosa
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=rugosa&Common=drifa&Cultivar=
Ritausma Rosa rugosa
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=rugosa&Common=Ritausma&Cultivar=
Rosa rugosa Fru Dagmar Hastrup
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=rugosa&Common=&Cultivar=Fru Dagmar Hastrup
Lichfield Angel Rose Rosa sp Lichfield Angel
Darcey Bussell Rose Rosa sp. Darcey Bussell
Livin Easy Rose Rosa sp. Livin Easy
Rosa spinosissima Linnamean Kaunotar
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spinosissima&Common=&Cultivar=Linnamean Kaunotar
madame Norbert levasseur Rosa spp
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=madame Norbert levasseur&Cultivar=
molineux Rosa spp
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=molineux&Cultivar=
thousand beauties Rosa spp
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=thousand beauties&Cultivar=
Sissi Climbing Rosa spp
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=Sissi Climbing&Cultivar=
sedana Rosa spp
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=sedana&Cultivar=
fraginard Rosa spp
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=fraginard&Cultivar=
Rosa spp muriel robin
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp &Common=&Cultivar=muriel robin
Abisco Rose Rosa spp Abisco
absolutely fabulous Rose Rosa spp Absolutely Fabulous
Alfred Sisley Rose Rosa spp Alfred Sisley
Alister Stella Gray Rose Rosa spp Alister Stella Gray
Aloha Rose Rosa spp Aloha
American Pillar Rose Rosa spp American Pillar
Rose Rosa spp Angeline
Rosa spp Aquarell
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Aquarell
Rosa spp aquarelle
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=aquarelle
Rosa spp astronomia
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=astronomia
avalanche Rose Rosa spp Avalanche
Beach Baby Rose Rosa spp Beach Baby
Best Wishes Rose Rosa spp Best Wishes
Betty Harkness Rose Rosa spp Betty Harkness
big purple Rose Rosa spp Big Purple
Blanche de Blanche Rose Rosa spp Blanche de Blanche
Bloomfield Abundance Rose Rosa spp Bloomfield Abundance
Rosa spp blue eden
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=blue eden
Bonfire Rose Rosa spp Bonfire
Rosa spp bonica
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=bonica
Botticelli Rose Rosa spp Botticelli
Rose Rosa spp Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Burma Star Rose Rosa spp Burma Star
Rosa spp caprice de meilland
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=caprice de meilland
Carefree Beauty Rose Rosa spp Carefree Beauty
Carefree Wonder Rose Rosa spp Carefree Wonder
Carmel Naughton Rose Rosa spp Carmel Naughton
Rosa spp Caroline de Monaco
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Caroline de Monaco
Centenaire de Lourdes Rose Rosa spp Centenaire de Lourdes
Charming Bells Rose Rosa spp Charming Bells
Chicago Peace Rose Rosa spp Chicago Peace
Rosa spp chippendale
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=chippendale
Rosa spp cl baby romantica
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=cl baby romantica
Cocktail Rose Rosa spp Cocktail
Crimson Bouquet Rose Rosa spp Crimson Bouquet
Cristoforo Colombo Rose Rosa spp Cristoforo Colombo
Rosa spp cubana
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=cubana
Cupcake Rose Rosa spp Cupcake
diamond design Rose Rosa spp Diamond Design
Rosa spp double delight
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=double delight
Double Delight Rose Rosa spp Double Delight
Rosa spp Eglantyne
Eldorado Rose Rosa spp Eldorado
Elisabetta DUngheria Rose Rosa spp Elisabetta DUngheria
Fantin Latour Rose Rosa spp Fantin Latour
Fellowship Rose Rosa spp Fellowship
Flash Rose Rosa spp Flash
Fourth of July Rose Rosa spp Fourth of July
Fragrant Wave Rose Rosa spp Fragrant Wave
Frilly Jilly Rose Rosa spp Frilly Jilly
Rosa spp gardentaume
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=gardentaume
Golden Celebration Rose Rosa spp Golden Celebration
Gorgeous Rose Rosa spp Gorgeous
Rose Rosa spp Gros Choux DHollande
Rosa spp hacienda
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=hacienda
Hamilton Gardens Rose Rosa spp Hamilton Gardens
Harlekin Rose Rosa spp Harkekin
Hertfordshire Rose Rosa spp Hertfordshire
Rosa spp Iceberg
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Iceberg
Iceburg Rose Rosa spp Iceburg
Rosa spp imaginaire parfume
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=imaginaire parfume
Rosa spp Ingrid Bergman
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Ingrid Bergman
Rosa spp jacques prevert
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=jacques prevert
James Galway Rose Rosa spp James Galway
Jane Eyre rose Rosa spp Jane Eyre
Rosa spp jardins de bagatelle
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=jardins de bagatelle
Rosa spp jubilee celebration
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=jubilee celebration
Rosa spp Jubilee du Prince de Monaco
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Jubilee du Prince de Monaco
Rosa spp Just Joey
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Just Joey
Kent Rose Rosa spp Kent
Lady Hillingdon Rose Rosa spp Lady Hillingdon
Rosa spp Lady of Shalott
Lampion Rose Rosa spp Lampion
Lemon Fizz Rose Rosa spp Lemon Fizz
Leo Ferre Rose Rosa spp Leo Ferre
Leonardo da Vinci Rose Rosa spp Leonardo da Vinci
Rosa spp loredo
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=loredo
Louis de Funes Rose Rosa spp Louis de Funes
Love Heart Rose Rosa spp Love Heart
Love me do Rose Rosa spp Love Me Do
Rosa spp Maigold
Margaret my Rosa spp Margaret Merrill
Rosa spp Maxivita
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Maxivita
Coral Drift Rose Rosa spp Meidrifora
Peach Drift Rose Rosa spp Meiggili Peach Drift
Meipotcros Rose Rosa spp Meipotcros
Michelangelo rose Rosa spp Michelangelo
Rosa spp Mme A Meilland
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Mme A Meilland
Rosa spp monica bellucci
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=monica bellucci
moody dream Rose Rosa spp Moody Dream
Nelson Girls Rose Rosa spp Nelson Girls
Rosa spp Nicolas Hulot
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Nicolas Hulot
Rosa spp Old Bush China
Rosa spp Old Bush China
Ophelia Rose Rosa spp Ophelia
Outta the Blue Rose Rosa spp Outta the Blue
Pacific glory Rose Rosa spp Pacific Glory
Paddy Stephens rose Rosa spp Paddy Stephens
Paris 2000 Rose Rosa spp Paris 2000
Rosa spp Pascali
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Pascali
Perfect Moment rose Rosa spp Perfect Moment
Rosa spp phillipe noiret
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=phillipe noiret
Pink Cat Rose Rosa spp Pink Cat
Pink Glood Rose Rosa spp Pink Glood
Port Sunlight Rose Rosa spp Port Sunlight
Rosa spp Prince Albert II de Monaco
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Prince Albert II de Monaco
Rosa spp Prince Rainier III
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Prince Rainier III
Rosa spp Princess Alexandra of Kent
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Princess Alexandra of Kent
Princess of Wales Rose Rosa spp Princess of Wales
Rosa spp princesse charlene de monaco
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=princesse charlene de monaco
Rosa spp princesse de monaco
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=princesse de monaco
Rosa spp Princesse Sibilla de Monaco
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Princesse Sibilla de Monaco
Rosa spp pullman orient express
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=pullman orient express
Rosa spp Queen Anne
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Queen Anne
Rosa spp Queen Elizabeth
Rafaelo Rose Rosa spp Rafaelo
rainbow knock out rose Rosa spp rainbow knock out
Ripples Rose Rosa spp Ripples
Rosa spp rose synactif by shiseido
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=rose synactif by shiseido
Sally Holmes Rose Rosa spp Sally Holmes
Rosa spp scarborough fair
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=scarborough fair
Scentimental Rose Rosa spp Scentimental
Siroptimist Rose Rosa spp Siroptimist
Rosa spp skylark
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=skylark
Rosa spp skylark
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=skylark
Rosa spp Solero
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Solero
Speelwark rose Rosa spp Speelwark
Starry Eyed Rose Rosa spp Starry Eyed
Rosa spp stephanie de monaco
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=stephanie de monaco
summer passion Rose Rosa spp Summer Passion
Suni Suni Rose Rosa spp Suni
Sunline Rose Rosa spp Sunline
Rosa spp Sunny knockout
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Sunny knockout
Rosa spp sunstar
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=sunstar
Sutters Gold Rose Rosa spp Sutters Gold
Sweet Delight Rose Rosa spp Sweet Delight
Rosa spp sweet parole
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=sweet parole
Rosa spp tea time
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=tea time
Tequila Rose Rosa spp Tequila
Rosa spp terracotta
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=terracotta
Rosa spp the mc cartney rose
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=the mc cartney rose
tropical delight Rose Rosa spp Tropical Delight
Tropical Skies Rose Rosa spp Tropical Skies
Westerland Rose Rosa spp Westerland
Wildeve Rose Rosa spp Wildeve
Wiltshire Rose Rosa spp Wiltshire
Rosa spp Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Rosa spp yves piaget
Photo of Genus=Rosa&Species=spp&Common=&Cultivar=yves piaget
Pink Knockout Rose Rosa spp.
Ballerina Rose Rosa spp. Ballerina
Beach Baby Rose Rosa spp. Beach Baby
Big Purple Rose Rosa spp. Big Purple
Burgundy Iceburg Rose Rosa spp. Burgundy Iceburg
Rosa spp. Celine Delbard
High Ho Silver Rose Rosa spp. High Ho Silver
Lavender Dream Rose Rosa spp. Lavender Dream
Mutabilis Rose Rosa spp. mutabilis
Rosa spp. Princess Anne
Rock n Roll Rose Rosa spp. Rock n Roll
Sympathie Rose Rosa spp. Sympathie
Tequila Sunrise Rose Rosa spp. Tequila Sunrise
Double Knock Out Rose Rosa x Double Knock Out
Rosa xanthia lindl
Princess Alexandra Rose Rosa. Princess Alexandra

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