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What can you do with the Android™ app?

As plant professionals, we don't work behind desks.  We work where the action is.  We deserve an app that works as hard as we work, and works where we work.  Forget about writing notes down in the field and entering them into a spreadsheet later - Android™ has what you need, all on your Android™ device!  If you have your phone with you, no matter where you are, you have the power of  Some features even work when you don't have connection to a data network.

  • Search by Color
    • Take a picture, or open a picture that you already have on your phone, and Android™ will show you the top 12 colors in that picture.
    • Select one of those colors, and Android™  will show you a list of plants that have that color.
    • Select a plant from the list, and will show you details of the plant that you selected.
  • Advanced Search
    • Search by color AND bloom date and several other factors.
  • View a Map of Plants Near You
    • Using your current GPS location, shows plants around you.
  • GPS a Plant
    • Add a plant to your personal plant collection.
    • Collect plant information, GPS location, and a picture
  • View Your Plant Collection
    • View the plants that you have GPSed.
    • View a picture of the plant.
    • Link to the details page on
  • Help, How to Use
    • You're here now!
  • Change Your Preferences
    • Set a username so that you can upload plants to
  • Visit
    • The full website has it all!

Search by Color

Do you want to search a new photo, or an existing image on your phone?

Search by Color

Take a Picture

Or, select a photo yoru image gallery.

Select a photo

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Plant Results

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Plant with Matching Colors

Plant with Matching Colors

GPS Your Own Plant Collection

GPS a Plant

  • Latitude and Longitude update automatically, from your phone.
    • It updates every 60 seconds, but you can make that more or less frequent, by changing a value in the "Preferences" menu.
    • To conserve battery life, press the [Pause GPS] button.  It will then change to show [Start GPS].  Press [Start GPS] to restart the GPS service.  You can press [Pause GPS] and then immediately press [Start GPS] to request an immediate GPS update.
  • Select a Plant - Press the button to use the Advanced Search feature.  This will let you search the database for plants.  The specimen that you create is then automatically linked to that plant!
    • The database has nearly 2000 plants (Genus, Species, Cultivar combinations.)  If we don't have a plant that you would like to add to your collection, you can add it directly on your phone!
  • Where is the plant? Description of Plant: enter any values you wish.
  • Save to Phone: Save this to your own plant collection!
  • Show Saved: Show your plant collection.
  • Upload: upload your entire plant collection to, if you have an account with
  • Take Photo: take a photo of this plant.
  • Site: If you have multiple plant collections, you can select the collection for this plant here.

Sustainability Report Card

When you upload your Plant Collection to, you can see your Sustainability Report Card: a report on the sustainability ratings of the plants in your collection.

First, you must

  1. Sign up for a Mobile Account
  2. Download the Mobile app on your Android™ phone
  3. Specify the username you chose in Preferences -> Username on Mobile
  4. Navigate to, and enter your username in the box provided.
  5. Your personal sustainability report card


You're in control.  You can change what you want to change on  Or, you can simply not do anything and use the default values that have been provided for you. Mobile Preferences

  • GPS refresh interval
    • By default, the GPS refreshes every 60 seconds.  You can make that shorter if you want more frequent updates, or longer to conserve battery life.
  • Username
    • If you want to upload your plant collections to, sign up for an account on, and specify your username here.
  • Add GPS to pictures
    • When you take a picture, Mobile can automatically record the GPS location where the picture was taken.
  • Image Name
    • When you take a picture, Mobile will start with the name specified here, then add a timestamp, to make the image name unique.

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Download it here, for free, on the Google Play Store! on the Google Play Store!

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