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What is sustainability? What plants are sustainable? by
Great Trees for Urban Landscapes by
Aggressive (as opposed to Invasive) Plants by
Skinny Plants for Tight Spaces by
What Is A Rain Garden, and Why Should I Care? by Melissa Benoit
Green FAQ by Melissa Benoit
Blog by contributors

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What Do You Recommend?

Personal recommendations from:
  1. Recommended Shade Trees
  2. Recommended Ground Covers
  3. Deer Resistant
  4. Attract Butterflies
  5. Attract Birds
  6. Alternatives to Invasive Plants
  7. Zoo's Best
  8. Melissa Benoit
  9. Brandan Jones
  10. Scott Beuerline
  11. Arbor Doctor
  12. The Garden Coach
  13. Marilee Fehr
  14. Julia G
  15. Andrew Bear
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