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Tree Challenge

The Tree Challenge™ is a program sponsored by the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and The Tree Challenge™ is to bring awareness to the value of trees in our home landscapes, our schools, our businesses and our communities.

The Tree Challenge has a few simple steps.

  1. Register your school, your business or your community with the Tree Challenge™
  2. Download the free PlantPlaces Android™ App to locate, identify and GPS trees on your property.
  3. Go to to see your Sustainability Report Card.
  4. Locate possible tree planting opportunities on your property. Research what types and sizes you could plant.
  5. Plant trees!

The goal of the tree challenge is to help educate our community on what types of trees we have on our property. To look at trees as the valuable resource they are in sequestering carbon, cooling the environment, storm water mitigation, providing the oxygen we breathe, creating habitats for wildlife, and providing beauty in our landscapes. Planting a tree could be the easiest way everyone in our community can help our environment. Through planting a wide diversity of trees and planting trees that will shade our grandchildren we can improve our communities one tree at a time. Join the Tree Challenge!

Any questions on the tree challenge, Contact Us.