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Common Name Latin Name Size (minimum to maximum feet)
common mulga Acacia aneura
Acacia baileyana
wallowa, red leaved wattle Acacia calamifolia
Espino Acacia caven
Acacia chinchillensis
Acacia cognates Bower Beauty
Flat Stemmed Wattle Acacia complanata
wirewood Acacia coriacea pendens
knifes wattle Acacia cultriformis
red mulga Acacia cyperophylla
poverty wattle Acacia dawsonii
Western silver wattle Acacia decora
Acacia farinosa
hairy pod wattle Acacia glandulicarpa
Acacia glaucoptera
Acacia greggii
Photo of Genus=Acacia&Species=greggii&Common=&Cultivar=
prostate golden gravel wattle Acacia guinetii
Acacia karroo
Photo of Genus=Acacia&Species=karroo&Common=&Cultivar=
witchetty bush Acacia kempeana
streaked wattle Acacia lineata
umbrella Bush Acacia lingulata
Acacia melanoylon
Photo of Genus=Acacia&Species=melanoylon&Common=&Cultivar=
Weeping Myall Acacia pendula
Downy Wattle Acacia pubescens
Twisted acacia Acacia schaffneri
streaked wattle Acacia sporadica
shoestring acacia Acacia stenophylla
Awl-leaved wattle Acacia subulata
Acacia terminalis
Photo of Genus=Acacia&Species=terminalis&Common=&Cultivar=
varnish wattle Acacia verniciflua
Acacia wattsiana

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